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The objective of the Elite programme is to develop the competencies necessary to permit selected students to practice adapted waterskiing at a high level in an autonomous manner.


To be eligible for this programme, the student must be currently performing adapted waterskiing in a seated position due to a physical impairment, a paralysis, or a lack of coordination or balance. However it is important that the student should not posses a major or total lack of strength in the entire trunk, nor in the hands or arms.


a) Elite Level 1: Mastery of Recreational Waterskiing.

By the end of the season the student is expected to demonstrate mastery of the basic skills and ability of an intermediate skier who is capable of performing adapted waterskiing at a high level in an autonomous manner including:

  • independent entry and exit between the ski boat and dock, with or without some minor assistance.
  • independent entry and exit into the water from the ski platform of the tow-boat.
  • the ability to correctly position oneself in the ski cage while in the water.
  • the ability to maintain a stable ski position while in the water before the start of a run, including in moderate swells and waves.
  • to perform unassisted and controlled starts using a single standard rope and handle with the rope positioned either to the left or to the right of a competition level adapted waterski.
  • the ability to cross the wake repeatedly in a fluid manner in both calm and moderately choppy water conditions.


b) Elite Level 2: Initiation to Competitive Adapted Waterskiing.

Elite Level 1 skiers who wish to progress to Elite Level 2 Competitive Skiing will be expected to:

  • master the ability to put the waterski on its edge in order to cut smoothly through the wake.
  • be able to successfully complete a half-way buoyed (6.4m.) slalom course at a moderate speed.
  • eventually demonstrate the ability to complete a full (11.5) six-buoy course at a relatively high speed.


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