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Dolonchapabengalimoviedownload [Latest-2022]




Plot The evil devil Ramesh alias Diwan (Ranjit Mallick) is defeated by Gautam Singh, the Chief of Police (Rajeshwari Raychowdhury), and his men. But he is not dead. He hides in a cave in an enchanted forest, and revives from his slumber and kills a guy. Gautam Singh and his men are tipped off about Diwan's hideout by the man who he killed. They arrive there, and find Diwan's daughter Meera (Girija Shankar) tied up and surrounded by boomerangs. Gautam Singh frees her and then kills Diwan. However, Diwan's magic spell (of body-changing) makes Gautam Singh himself turn into a boomerang and kill Gautam Singh. The angry Gautam Singh takes out a revenge on Diwan by killing all of his family members. Gautam Singh's older brother, Rajendranath, (Chandan Sen), and Meera's sister Rina (Supriya Mitra), come to help Gautam Singh, and they fight Diwan and his men. However, Gautam Singh's father Suman (Sunil Mukherjee) who also hides there, kills Rina and injures Gautam Singh's leg. When Gautam Singh is about to be killed by Diwan's men, he fights his way out and kills Diwan and his men. Gautam Singh gets married to Meera. Cast Main Rakesh Bedi as Gautam Singh Ranjit Mallick as Ramesh alias Diwan Girija Shankar as Meera Sujit Guha as Rinku Chandan Sen as Rajendranath Supriya Mitra as Rina Sandhya Roy as Gautam's mother Sushmita Mukherjee as Rina's mother Supporting Jayanti Kumar as Ramesh's mother Sunil Mukherjee as Suman Jagdish Dham Radharavi as Suman's elder brother Nilu Phule Mala Sinha Tarakeshwar Mukherjee Anil Chatterjee Soundtrack References External links Category:1980s Hindi-language films Category:1980 films Category:1980s thriller films Category:Indian films



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Dolonchapabengalimoviedownload [Latest-2022]
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